Stories From The Inner Circle: The Journey of Masaya

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Sustainability enthusiast or not- Each one of us can agree that children are the undeniable future. With each passing generation, the mantle of responsibility is shifted onto young shoulders, and every new generation thrives differently. 

Yet, some fundamentals remain timeless, like that of environmental responsibility. Long before the terms ‘sustainability’, ‘net zero’ or ‘conservation’ were even coined, the attempts to preserve nature were still in existence. Today, these attempts continue in more contemporary ways. 

At Brown Living, our many passionate sellers a.k.a our Inner Circle, do a fine job of marrying time-tested principles of sustainability with modern innovation. Each has a unique story and genuine reason behind the brands they so carefully built- Stories that deserve to be told. 

Today, we’re taking you on the journey of one such brand, creating a sustainable future for our children- Not by preaching, but by making it a part of their early lifestyle in seamless ways. 

Let’s take a look at the story of Masaya! 

Who is Masaya?

Putting it simply, Masaya is an ethical decor brand for children. But words simply put, don’t often do justice to the story. While Masaya creates soft plushies, premium bedding and more for your little one’s comfort at bedtime, its purpose runs deeper.

Through its designs, this brand creates and tells stories by using art as a form of expression. Since storytelling forms a big part of a child’s early view of the world, every piece of Masaya represents a similar wonderment. Being a gender-neutral and community-driven brand, Masaya represents the voice of the future in more ways than one. 

Why does Masaya exist?

The founder of Masaya- Rajashvi Jajodia rediscovered her love for her roots during the time she spent away from them. While gaining an education in Fine Arts abroad, she kept in touch with the many Indian art forms and textiles that stem from our cultural diversity.

Once back home, she had her mission and vision as clear as day- To bring India’s sustainable textiles to the forefront, by making them more accessible. Thus the idea of Masaya was conceived, giving birth to a luxury children's bedroom accessories brand where each product is as magical as the experience of being a mother who creates new life on Earth. 

Masaya’s Philosophies

A brand is a lot like a person- With its own set of beliefs, its distinguishable personality and its personal ethics. Much like a new parent takes on the responsibility of raising a good human, a new brand can be responsible for building a sustainable ecosystem for all. Masaya’s philosophies stem from the brand’s desire to take on this responsibility.
While the brand may be one, its goals are plenty- Each as important and relevant as the next.

Being a gender-free brand is as important to Masaya as being a planet-friendly one is. For generations before us, the concept of inclusivity meant having to first dispel years of conditioning. For the generations coming next, inclusivity is and will be part of the norm.
With the changing times, Masaya aims to bridge the thought gap across generations, by representing gender neutrality. For both parents and children, it makes inclusivity easier through its thoughtful collection.

People and communities build a nation. Identifying as a brand that’s proudly handmade in India, Masaya represents the country’s rich heritage through its work. By working with local artisans across Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and other parts of the country, Masaya is creating an eco-system where ethical wages and the right to livelihood are a given.
At around 4 years old, Masaya has built a great team of skilled craftsmen and women, who put all their passion into the handcrafted products made for your babies. The brand’s intention for working with local communities is clear- Upliftment while building a family, not just an enterprise. 
When the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak, Masaya also participated in providing aid across communities. By donating a part of its profits to relief services and providing free meals to affected patients, Masaya has always stayed true to its ‘community first’ principle.

At the heart of all things Masaya, is its belief in sustainability. From raw materials to its production methods, the brand ensures an Earth-friendly approach to all that it creates. They ensure that every piece, be it a bedding set or a colourful Rakhi, has utility beyond its life cycle.
The brand also encourages sustainable principles, such as reusing and upcycling its products in creative ways. For example, in light of the upcoming festive season, Masaya created cloth rakhis that can double up as bookmarks or hair ties once the occasion passes!
Everything is designed with durability in mind, reducing your need to replace or waste by default!

Masaya believes that knowledge sharing is one of the best ways to ensure mindset change on a large scale. So, beyond serving its customers through consciously designed products, the brand also believes in spreading the word.
Becoming a new parent can be daunting, so Masaya refuses to let you feel lonely on this journey. By regularly sharing content to guide new parents, discussing taboo topics more openly and advocating for mental health; it creates a comfortable environment for parents to learn, grow and share ideas.

Why Masaya is the brand for you?

Each of Masaya’s pieces is meticulously researched and designed to ensure they retain a sense of awe and wonder for your little ones. The design process itself takes different forms before its final conceptualization, to ensure all the brand’s philosophies come together- Gender neutrality, an educational property, and a story for the little ones to dream. 

The motifs are hand drawn, ensuring that each product has its own charm. The artisans who handprint these creations bring characters to life while embodying them with generations of culture and traditions. The final result is a unique piece for your little one, in the softest cotton wrapped with motherly warmth.

As a part of Masaya’s future plans, it also aims to shift entirely to sustainable packaging and greener methods. A few steps taken include - Sustainable packaging with tags made from recycled paper, biodegradable packing tissue and biodegradable mailers too. Their all-new Rakhi collection is also made with scrap saved over the years! 

This is a brand, that makes sustainability an easy choice for you and your newborns, without interrupting your lifestyle, but rather by adding more comfort to it.

Words from the founder

“Throughout building this company –from seeing the first design come to life– the thing that motivates me is when I visit my artisans and see them pouring their hearts and souls into every piece they create. I wake up daily following my passion and having the support of some amazing people who are there when I need a hug.

Masaya has helped me achieve sustainability even in my personal life- It has been 2 years since I have ordered clothes from fast fashion brands and choose homegrown sustainable wear instead. I now carry a bottle of water with me while I step out and I have moved to paper and cloth bags for my needs. These are small steps, and I am sure they will only help me grow in my journey towards sustainability.

I hope this blog shares a little insight into Masaya’s journey and also inspires those who want to start their own venture and are scared–It definitely requires hard work, passion and inspiration and the will to see your dream take life. Through sleepless nights, days and with ideas constantly running in your head, you will wake up the next day ready to start again. The most important lesson I have learnt though is to never let failure stop you, if you fall, fall hard, and the only way after is up!” 

- Rajashvi Jajodia, founder of Masaya

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